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Triple Triad

Triple Triad is Final Fantasy VIII's challenging card game. Similar to dominos, Triple Triad allows party members to duel non-player characters with cards they have in their possesion. Characters can win game cards by winning a challenge against a non-player character, by defeating monsters, or by using the Command during battle. The Command ability can be learned by the GF Quezacotl, and takes 40 AP to master. Once Quezacotl has learned , go to the Ability sub-menu, which can be found in the Junction menu, and transfer to the character's Command list. To challenge a non-player character, first face the character and then press the square button. If the non-player character is a card player, he/she will ask you if you want to play.

Basic Rules: The character and the opponent start with a hand of five cards each, with each card representing a point. The character gains or loses points as they capture or lose cards. After the computer randomly selects who goes first, each player places one card at a time on the 3x3 grid, until all nine slots on the grid are filled. Whoever posses the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Be cautious though, for as you progress through FF8, "local rules" may appear which change the way the game is played.

Card Values: Each card has four numbers, which each represent the strength of a side on the card. Numbers can range from 1, the lowest, to 10 (a 10 on a card is denoted as an "A"), the highest. There are four types of cards a player can collect: Monsters, Bosses, GFs, and Characters. The Monster Cards consist of Level 1 to Level 5 Cards. The Boss Cards consist of Level 6 and 7 Cards. GF Cards consist of Level 8 and 9 Cards. Character Cards consist of the final level, Level 10 Cards.

Now that you know a little bit about the game, follow the links to see pictures and descriptions of all Levels of Cards.

Level 1: Monster Cards Level 2: Monster Cards Level 3: Monster Cards Level 4: Monster Cards Level 5: Monster Cards