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Psx Reviews

The week of November 20-December 3:
I'm back! Wow, it seems like ages since I last updated this site. Not to give any excuses, but I have been very busy with school, and what not. The usual stuff. Anyway, this is PsxFanatic's Psx Reviews Page. On this page, which will be updated every two weeks, you will find reviews of the hottest Playstation games.
What's New: Coming November 22, a review of Capcom's Resident Evil: Nemesis. Also, later in the week, a review of the Final Fantasy collection, Final Fantasy Anthology, from Squaresoft.
What's the Same: Check out these past reviews.
The RPG Xenogears, from Square.
Triple Play 2000, from EA Sports.
Triple Play 2000 Pictures.
MLB 2000, from 989 Studios.

Also, check out the review of Interplay's Baseball 2000 and the RPG Legend of Legaia, from the last update. Click on the images, to go to both reviews.

Interplay's Baseball 2000.

Legend of Legaia.

Attention all Final Fantasy Fans

PsxFanatic's Final Fantasy VIII Page is up and running. To visit the site, click on Squall's image below.

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Playstation News and Previews.

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PsxFanatic's Playstation and McGwire Page.
Mark McGwire Page.

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