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Psx News and Previews

Welcome to PsxFanatic's Playstation News and Previews Page. On this page, you will find up-to-date news about the Playstation and the Playstation 2, as well as previews of the hottest upcoming games. This page will be updated as soon as new groundbreaking news filters through about the Playstation or its succesor. Enjoy!

Preview: Chrono Cross:

Publisher:  Square
Developer:  Square Soft
Genre:  RPG
Origin:  Japan
Number of Players:  1
Dual Shock:  Yes
Peripherals:  Analog, Memory Pack

One of Square's most popular games of all time, Chrono Trigger, finally has a sequel in Chrono Cross. According to Playstation's Japan website, Chrono Cross will take place about 20 years after CT. Due out in Japan on November 18, Square officially announced, at the Tokyo Game Show, its intention to bring Chrono Cross to North America sometime in the year 2000. Speculation is that Chrono Cross will be officially released in the States in the fall of 2000. Although little is know about the story itself, Square has announced that Chrono Cross will take place in the same world as Chrono Trigger, with some familiar characters also.
Changes: Characters no longer have to level up in order to progress through the game. While the enviroments do contain monsters, Square has made it possible to actually complete a level without fighting a single monster, and go start to the boss. Square has also completely eliminated experience points. In battles, characters have a choice of selecting either a strong, medium, or weak attack (Thing Xenogears). Individual characters also have their own set of magic, techniques, and summon attacks. Another factor to consider during battles is the fatigue factor. Now you can become tired and vulnerable to enemy attacks, if your elemental attacks are not handled well. For example, using an elemental all the time during battle, will leave your character weak and forced to miss a few turns to rest.
Overall: Overall, Chrono Cross promises to be an amazing game, with some similarities and differences to the original Chono Trigger. Be looking for this game around summer or fall of 2000.

Psx 2 News:
Official state of developer committment to the Playstation 2:

Committed: Konami, Square, Namco, Capcom, Atlus, Enix, and Koei.
Undecided: Takara, Data East, ASCII, SNK, Epoch Co., and Game Arts.
Investigating the Possibility: Jaleco, Taito, Tecmo, Hudson, Bandai, Victor Interactive Software, Human, Artdink, Imagineer, and NEC International.
American Companies Backing Psx2: Acclaim, Naughty Dog, GT Interactive, Electronic Arts, Sony, 989, and 3DO.
American Companies Soon Believed to Annouce Support: Midway, Eidos, Activision, THQ, Ubi Soft, Fox Interactive, Take Two, Infogrames, Bandai, and ASC.

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